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Full Version: HD Tent Stakes
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I remember reading sometime ago about a vendor in Quartzsite that sales homemade heavy duty tent stakes made from rebar. Anyone know which vendor it is?
It is K&B Hardware, which has a large kiosk not far from Q's big tent.
This "Earth Anchor" seems overkill, but maybe sometimes warranted?
holy cow, that's a heavy duty tent stake. highdesertranger
Here's a link for a more modest ground anchor.

Orange Screw
I would like to see those plastic ones use at RTR. highdesertranger
(12-01-2017, 09:38 AM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]holy cow, that's a heavy duty tent stake. highdesertranger
Thought you'd like that!

Serious outfit, that's not even the biggest. . .

Of course, wide variety available for more prosaic uses.
(12-01-2017, 09:05 AM)John61CT Wrote: [ -> ]This "Earth Anchor" seems overkill,  but maybe sometimes warranted?
HOLY MOLY! I bet a couple of those would keep my awning from blowing away. The trailer might be gone though.  Tongue
As I've said before I use 12" carriage bolts with plastic washers to hold ball bungees but I also have the helix screws for sand at Lake Powell. I usually drive them in with a battery impact. I've never had one come out but did pierce a water line once so I had to move! That just ain't right! I'm planning on being at the RTR with a Kodiak tent if anybody wants to see one come on by.
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