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Full Version: when on public land boondocking can you leave ur camper?
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Say you are at the RTR but are camped a bit away from the group for some solitude and you want to take your bike or moped for a ride.
Is it allowed and safe to leave your camper when out boondocking?
Yes , but don't leave anything tempting outside. Generators are one thing that disappears in Quartzsite.
tonyandkaren Wrote:Yes , but don't leave anything tempting outside.

Has there ever been issues with rigs being broken into?

 Not that I know of but we've only been to Quartzsite three times , never to the RTR , and have always been in a fairly exposed area close to a lot of activity.
sl1966 Wrote:Has there ever been issues with rigs being broken into?

If you're referring to the RTR, no, we've never had any problems at the campsite with regard to any kind of thievery or rigs being broken into. There is just about always someone hanging around camp and that would discourage any strangers. That said, I'd still use my best judgement with regard to what I left out, laying around.

As a matter of fact, we've only ever had good times!
Good to hear! I figured as much but it's good to see people who've been there confirm for the many others here who haven't been and might be wondering.
I suppose one method of fooling a would-be thief is to make your rig seem like it's occuppied.

Put an old pair of boots on the ground outside by the rig door. Then you want to leave a small battery operated radio on inside the rig to make people think there MAY be someone inside the RV.

Who's to say that thay won't fool them, huh?

Just a thought from a former security guard!
Quote:Say you are at the RTR but are camped a bit away from the group for some solitude and you want to take your bike or moped for a ride.
Is it allowed and safe to leave your camper when out boondocking?

I do not know where you are from... Or how much boondocking you have done ....
But, I have to inform that when boondocking in Q with friends, you should have no worries, about leaving your camp and having anything happening to your camp when you are gone..

Especially with the RTR group.....

I usually set up a fair distance from the main group (still within walking distance after leaving the fire at night)

I have the Tiki bar set up, solar panels setting on the ground, chairs, and more, never a problem

I cannot express enough, how much respect is demonstrated to everyone, no matter "what"

As always in current times anything can happen. But, I would bet the chances are very low of loosing anything to theft.

Hi everyone, I wanted to clear up what I am getting after. I feel I know enough about the group here and the visit to rtr I am sure would be safe. I mean in general boondocking in the area would it be safe for me to leave my rig locked up and maybe a radio going. I want to get a very small dirt bike or moped and use it to cruise and site see but I have never been to the quartzsite area or even the south west. My orginal plan was to travel to towns and areas that I would like to learn more about. park at a walmart or large grocesy store for the day. lock up everything end head out on the moped to site see. I would feel safe doing that but not sure if it is wise to leave the rig in the desert or alone on blm land.
well in a group of people even if you're just close by (within eyesight) you should be fine.  that said, back in the 90's on my mining claim i kept a small travel trailer.  one trip out to the claim the trailer had been stripped of all the aluminium siding.  talk about a mess the insulation was all over the place.  you know wind + pink insulation, my god some of it was 1/4 mile away.  so you must be aware of were you park.  we think it was meth heads they hit a couple others around the area.  there is even an old miner that lives about a mile away who watched our stuff but he can't be there all the time watching my stuff and i don't expect him to.  btw we bought a bunch of food and beer.  took a bunch of people out there and cleaned it up.  brunt all the wood from the trailer what a fire.  hauled the rest to the dump including the insulation what a pain.   lucky it stuck to the cerasote brush or it might have blown to mexico.  btw the blm was impressed at our clean up because they didn't have to ask us and we did such a good job.  i am on thier good side. a little tip.  sorry about going of topic.  highdesertranger
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