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1992 GMC G30 1 ton Rally STX - currently has LT225/75r16 on front and new Definity Dakota H/T 225/75r16 on back.  At nearly 7000 lbs the G30 is registered as a "Heavy Short Bus" in Florida. P tires are load rated at 1568 lbs - LT tires rated at 2658 lbs.  What's the word.... do I replace all 4 with LT as finances permit or will P be safe enough?

In Oklahoma I always put 7.50 16 tires on my pickups for traction in the pastures and would on the van, but, now they all say for trailer use only. Don't know how the skinny tire would do around Quartzite - soft wide tire might do better there
LT load range E is what I would go with. also you can convert the 7.50 16 size to a modern metric size. a 235/85R 16 is real close, but to run those you need a real skinny rim. highdesertranger
(12-11-2017, 08:16 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]...a 235/85R 16 ... but to run those you need a real skinny rim.

The factory tire size for '92 G30 is 225/75-16, which is one centimeter "skinnier" than 235/85-16.
The difference in load ratings is based on the number of plys. Heavier load rated tires have the additional benefit of being much more durable - definitely a plus for any rough road travel - not to mention nails in parking lots, etc.

Mine are ten ply, I believe E rated.

Passenger tires should be replaced sooner than larger plys, which can be abused a bit - other factors not withstanding.
(12-12-2017, 06:14 AM)DLTooley Wrote: [ -> ]Mine are ten ply, I believe E rated.

Rating by number of plies is used with bias ply tires. Letter ratings are used for radial tires. So, tire design aside, 10-ply and E-rated are equal.