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I know some of the people on here use little cut scenes from their drones in postings on you tube.  And I just came across this on one of my news feeds.

The US' brief period of registration-free drone flight is over -- President Trump has signed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018, and it revives the registration requirement for civilian drones. Robotic fliers between 0.5lbs and 55lbs need to be submitted to a database if they're going to remain legal.
Most of the Youtubers using drones don't care about these or other laws and don't hide that fact, I doubt they'll care. (Nomadic Fanatic clearly flew his drone at protected birds last year in violation, and he flew it at an airport and above a Walmart). They'll ruin it for all drone users like a select few (including some of those same Youtubers) have ruined the non enforcement of 14 day BLM rule at Ehrenberg.
I suppose that my intent was to let the people on this forum know what was going on. I have seen a few people that are on this forum on youtube. For the most part it seems that the people on here tend to stay within the edges of the rules.
(12-21-2017, 08:17 AM)jjbond Wrote: [ -> ]Most of the Youtubers using drones don't care about these or other laws
That's contrary to what I've experienced on the channels I follow (e.g., AdventureVanMan, IntoTheMystery13 and others).  These folks often make a point of identifying the drone flying rules and obeying them -- even when they are just itching to get that footage!

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