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Full Version: Can you spare some light over here?
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Seems this headlamp would really come in handy for shooting those night time Youtubes! Or scaring off wildlife maybe....If I saw it in distance fully "on" I would probably think it was a train, lol!

Always wonder why something gets discounted so much, other than discontinued
Probably not much market for that degree of overkill...12K It's not a typical brand. It probably weighs nearly 10 oz. or more.
12,000 lumens...omg.

I have a 300 watt 4000 lumens light that I use rarely due to the brightness. On a pole it can light a parking lot and you do not want to look at it. I can not even imagine 12,000 lumens, that could seriously injure someones sight.
"durable aluminum alloy crust".

Sounds yummy!