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Full Version: Buy Maps of Public Land Here
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I came across this site that sells maps of public lands, it should be very helpful to us boondockers.

At first I was disappointed we have to pay for these but I know the Forest Service and BLM have terrible budget problems so I understand they can't just hand them out. I just wish they had them as PDF downloads.

I just ordered the map for the Quartzsite, area. When it gets here I will give you a report. Bob
if you have an IPAD you can get an app for $8 (one time purchase) called TOPO MAPS that has all the maps you can download for free, after initial purchase. 

Have to agree that printed maps are better.  Just tried it again and it does work.  You can get every USGS map in high resolution downloaded, upon demand, while you have a data connection

You don't have to spend any money at all. Just go to google maps and in the search bar type either the gps coordinates if you know them or the name of the place.

I just went to google maps on my 1st gen iPad and typed Quartzsite. It added the Arizona part. I then selected hybrid, which gives you the roads and names over laid over the satellite view. You can see all the bushes, trees, etc you want to see.

If you want true topo elevations go to Also Microsoft used to run a terra server back in the day where you could get black and white satellite images and topographic maps all for free. I used to overlay one over the other in photoshop and make hybrid topo maps back when my wife wanted a place in the mountains in NC. Not sure if terra server is still around though. Google around you should be able to find free topo maps somewhere.

If you find it, post it here.


PS I wicapedia'd terraserver and it seems it is no more. I would think USGS would have their topo maps online somewhere though. After all it's a government operation paid for by my tax dollars.
Sorry, I may not have made myself clear. I don't want a topo map, there are plenty of those. I need a map that gives land ownership. In other words, I need to know if I am on BLM land, National Forest land, State Land, or private property military reservation, or Indian reservation. They can get all mixed up and you may think you are on BLM land and find out you are not and be breaking the law.

Do the products you are talking about give those? It would be really great if they did! Bob
Ownership designations sounds very elusive to find. 
most blm and fs show land ownership, though not very accurate.  i use them for general info.  if you go to the ranger station ask for the map that the rangers use.  they do not use the maps that they sell to joe tourist.  thier maps are much more detailed.  the good rangers will sell you these maps, the bad ones will play stupid.  most of the time nowadays if you are on private land or milatary res. or somewhere else you are not suposed to be it will be posted.  the one exception i have found are indian res they seem to rather catch you trespassing.  revenue.  also usgs topo maps rule the day the ones from the 40's 50's 60's the best.   highdesertranger
When I was trying to find hunting spots, I needed a way to find out who owned land that looked good for hunting

I found, at least in the middle of the country, you can receive land maps by county, from the state. (in my case Nebraska)

It's been awhile since I did this. But, I searched for a number to contact in the state. I made a phone call, let them know which county I was interested in, they mailed the maps to me. Charged about $5.00 each.

Each of the maps showed all bounties, owners names, roads, topo features, and were large enough to read the info..
I used a highlighter of the areas I was interested in.

The same series of BLM maps is available from most BLM offices for their local area for $4 each.  California mail-orders their set for $4 each as well.  Some other places have them as well, I've seen free (Tonopah Mining park) and $6/each (chicarro summit info office).  BLM and Forest service offices have other maps and brochures as well, many free.  Usually worth a stop.
well i do get the free maps but they are more for showing you places of interest along the main roads not for back country navigation.  not enough detail.  btw the tonopah mining park is a mining museum so they are giving you a self guided tour guide.  its a walking tour well worth going if you are into that kind of stuff.  imo nothing beats usgs maps for back country navigation.  highdesertranger
Hey, you can also get them at the nearest BLM office for only $4...
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