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Full Version: Traveling and scheduling.
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akrvbob recently posted about his plans for next year, and I thought it would be great to talk about something I've noticed with this trip.

I'm new to van dwelling, I started in August of 2012.  I started to make plans to wander thru the PNW, and I have to say I totally messed up my plans.

Now I'm 80% done with this route, and am headed back towards the kids before making it south to the RTR and the winter.

But this is what I've done wrong.  I planned way too much.

I had firm dates that I had to meet for various things, and I spaced them much to closely.  I want to drive 10's of miles in a day, and doing so, I can afford to drive almost every day of the month and still fit within my gas budget.  But because of my crappy scheduling I've had to rush and rush and rush to make everything, plus I've had to worry about Freezing weather, and storms. YUK.  It's disgusting having to worry so much!

For me I have now learned, do not plan so much!  I have decided that as much as possible I'm not going to plan more than 1 week in advance,  tops, and otherwise only have a very general direction involved.  (north , south, east, west). 

For now, I'm headed west, I am now on the Proper side of the Continental Divide!

With Love,
"I am now on the Proper side of the Continental Divide!"  Yeaa- that's the most important thing this time of year!

 It's really hard to plan any specific when you're traveling. Something always happens to screw it up so it's best not to worry about it. The only problem with that is that stationary people don't really understand it and they want a definite time. We try not to plan anything very far ahead of time ,just our general direction. Sometimes that means we get caught in weather that isn't the greatest. Like right now because we took so long traveling across the country we're getting rained on in northern California.
I couldn't agree more!
My plans generally involve heading east, west, north or south and depend on the gas budget. No specifics and no firm commitments! When i get close to the end of my gas budget, I better be close to somewhere I can afford to stay.