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Full Version: Xmas airbnb
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I've only been full timing it in the van since October. I wasn't sure what I would do once the holidays got here. I have a daughter in town and my son and his wife are in town for xmas as well. They have other family to visit but for spending time with me I didn't really want to say lets hang out in the park with my van. So I rented an Airbnb for five days over Christmas week.

It wasn't to expensive and it gives me a home to be in and have family come visit. Even if it's not actually my house. I have 3 bedrooms so I can have company. Full kitchen and cable and wifi. So for me it works out perfectly. Instead of paying for a place all year that I really only need for a limited number of days for different occasions I have a place that fits all my needs and I just pay for the days I need.

I'm wondering if anyone else has done anything similar. Maybe even just getting a hotel for a few days would work as well too.
I think it was a good idea.  Van dwelling does not have to mean you abandon everything.  It is to give you the freedom to do as you wish when you want to do something.  This is what you wanted to do and you are doing it - well done.
With a nice van, host it out on AirBNB while you're not using it.

May cover half the rent?
I used Airbnb last summer in D.C. and really like the concept. I’ve been an airline pilot for 28 years and spent way too many nights in hotels that are nice but corporate. With Airbnb, you get the attention of entrepreneurs. I would much rather give my money to them.
We've been using airbnb quite a lot for when we travel over the last few years.

When we tour on our motorcycle, I'll figure out how far we're gonna go each day, and find a place that fits our needs and budget within the specific area I think we'll end up at, and book it for the night. Worked great for riding to Wisconsin and back to the Oregon coast last year, and again this year when we rode out to Glacier NP.

We went to Maui 4 years ago, and booked EVERYTHING from airbnb! The first week, we stayed in a converted garage owned by a professional big-wave surfer, up on the north end of the island, then rented camping gear out in Hana. After that we got the usual condo on the beach with a balcony, and then spent the last few days with a wonderful gal who has 3 rooms she lets from her home...all on Airbnb!

We're heading back over to Maui in March, and will be staying, once again, with that very same gal for the entire 2 weeks we'll be over there...naturally, from airbnb!

I must say, that now that we've found Airbnb, we almost NEVER use motels anymore.

We believe that the hosts (much like e-Bay sellers), are wanting the best reviews and points possible from their customers. They keep the rooms as clean as possible, and often times, will cook you wonderful meals! Motels do not spend the time or effort for such personal service.
I'm sure there's the odd host who doesn't give good service or clean the rooms very well...but their reviews will show that, and obviously, people will skip over these hosts and move onto another rental.

We've met and stayed with some absolutely lovely couples through the years, and have now, made several very close friendships with several of them. There's one couple we stayed with in Wyoming, who are now very close friends of ours, and when they travel out here next summer...they'll be staying with US!! Big Grin
Ditto, no more hotels for me either. Give the money to the entrepreneurs that create a warm experience!