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Full Version: Duct Insulation
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 I bought some insulation today that is made for a/c duct. It has foil on one side and a 1/2" of the cotton batting insulation. The roll was 48"x25'. I plan on cutting it to use for window coverings and front divider/partition. I think it would be a better covering than just the regular reflectix.
Is it cotton or the fiberglass stuff?  fiberglass can get real itchy....
It's made from recycled denim. Itch free .
Regarding the itch mentioned in post #2:

Fiberglass doesn't itch. That is caused by the binder/coloring agent used in it. That binder agent is nasty stuff. A friend got one drop on the shin of his coveralls, which penetrated to his skin. It was still itching eight (8) years later when I gave him a 2oz bottle of lobelia tincture to put on it. He later got a shot from a doctor familiar with the problem, which cured him completely and permanantly.

This, by the way, is the reason why we now have "itchless" insulation that looks white or grey in color, instead of pink or yellow. Just thought I'd share. I won't use either in my build.