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Full Version: Seeking the cheapest liability insurance
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I plan to get a used van to convert sometime during 2018, a 2002 Chevy Express sounds the best so far.

But of course, I've got to have liability insurance!  Where can I get it the cheapest?  I heard that having South Dakota residency has advantages (on insurance?)  I'm currently a Texas resident, but with going nomad, that can change.

Info on "lowest liability insurance" seems hard to come by. But getting the facts from you guys is likely as "straight from the source" as one could hope for!
I know my insurance dropped by half because I changed from California to Arizona, it's all about your zip code. my registration dropped more then 20 times. in other words my registration was more then 20 times more in California. highdesertranger
On the zip code... I know someone that "moved" from their residence to a mail service address in the same county, but a different zip code. Vehicle insurance cost dropped $150 over three vehicles.
Regarding the cheapest liability insurance that you seek, I've found this article to be very informative,
Still, this is only a starting point. If you're going to legally domicile in a state, find the one that checks the most boxes for you personally.
Keeping residency in your current area can have advantages, unless you want a complete break. If I was changing residency I'd do it to a place I was at least considering moving to permanently. I kept my Washington Residency for several years before switching it to Colorado, not the cheapest state.
(12-27-2017, 10:48 PM)rm.w/aview Wrote: [ -> ]....I've found this article to be very informative,  ....

Thank you! I followed that link, then to State Farm, and from there, found Maine the overall cheapest at $30.  But only $35 right here in Texas for minimum liability only.

Question answered!  Big Grin
is that 30 bucks a months. mines cheaper then that in Arizona. highdesertranger
Yes, $30 a month.
To be cheaper, I'm guessing you've found a small insurance company set up to do that for you.
How do I get in touch with them?

(I'd rather make Arizona my "home" anyway.)

PS- Thanks for the tip!
Farmers Insurance. I have been with them for years for years. highdesertranger