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Full Version: buying land to make a new truly free place
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Hey everyone,
Just joined the forums but have been watching Bob's videos. Since a lot of us are interested places where we can park for free forever and those are more and more scarce, I thought about a plan where a bunch of people land work cooperatively with others and getting everyone to pitch in secure a rural property in NV or AZ and open it up to the community. If say 25 people pitched in on a $10,000 property say in NV, that's $400 each to create a free place to camp forever. I'm thinking one would have to set up an LLC or perhaps a Nonprofit to register the land? What are your thoughts on this?
If I were inclined to buy a place, it would be much simpler and easier, and in line with my introverted nature, to just get it myself. Dealing with 24 other people? Yuck.
My thoughts are that I have thought about this and posted about this a few times. My suggestion is that you find your tribe of folks you get along with well. I'd never invest with strangers. Set up the basic guidelines/covenants regarding trash, visitors, selling out, dwellings, taxes, property upgrades, etc... As long as everyone is in agreement theoretically there shouldn't be an issue but you know those pesky humans. I'd go with a much smaller group and keep all the finances transparent with multiple signatures required on any outgoings. Change leadership often so everyone has a chance to wear the big pants. Probably many more points to cover but I think if it is done right it could be a reasonable way to get your winter home secured so you don't have to move but once in and once out.
I dont think it would work.  

I have never seen 25 people who all agreed on anything.  Except maybe the idea of eating food and sleeping, and even then there are differences.

And you have to realize that is 25 investors - there may be a couple that would be counted as only one investor.  You are basically trying to set up a hamlet or a very small village.  That is a lot of work that is being looked at.

A group that large is going to create a lot of traffic on the roads around the land.  If there are neighbors they might not think it is such a grand idea.  Might have trouble with the country commission and zoning.  

But then maybe it will work - shrug - I may just be pessimistic.
There have been several threads in the past on this topic, you should review them. I don’t think this is a bad idea at all, but the many issues involved, mostly jurisdictional restrictions, make implantation a long shot at best.

Just my opinion based upon conclusions by folks who have done some pretty thorough research on this idea . . .
The concept is great, but........federal, state, and county regulations would kill the idea. Seems like no one wants anyone to live full time in a RV under any circumstances on any land anywhere. Sure they will allow us a RV on land while building a permanent structure on your land with time restrictions as long as one plays their game and builds something they feel is adequate and safe and dumps money back into their society. 

What ever happened to the freedom to choose how and where one lives and survives. Time for all govt to get the hell out of our lives. For some of us older folks the only freedom we have is to end up somewhere in a box left to die.......nursing homes etc....... For me trying to survive on any limited income is getting harder everyday. And with housing being the most expense in today's society people wonder why so many end up on the streets homeless, broken, and sick. For me, buying something decent to live out my remaining time here will take all that I have, with a little emergency funds. Who has the right to say that RV living is wrong for me?

If one looks back at the pioneer days many of a settlement, community, town, cities were initiated and formed around similar ideas and they turned out well!!!!!!!

My respect goes out to all nomads, tribes, secret societies, RV dwellers everywhere, and whatever exists out there that has the power to stand up to the man and 
follow their dreams and aspirations!!!
Slab city already exists.
If the idea resonates with you, keep pursuing until either it comes to fruition or is dropped from being impossible. You may be the person that finds a way that has never considered before or you may find out that the system is too integrated in every nook and cranny of our lives.
Welcome to the CRVL forums Moe! This is definitely an interesting idea but it comes with a multitude of problems. Let us know if you find any places where it could work.

To help you learn the ins and outs of these forums, this "Tips & Tricks" post lists some helpful information to get you started. We look forward to hearing more from you.
I live on 3 acres of land (family property) in a rural county and fully intended to retire there. 

After being hands-off for 97 years, this little village of 700 people has begun taxing, spending and interfering like their big city brethren.   Must be on the grid.  Must get permission to put a trailer on your own land, and it cannot be more than 10 years old (!!!). Police department has two new vehicles, which is one more than the number of police officers.  Code enforcement has a new vehicle.  Code enforcement, in a tiny, poor hamlet where the average property value (house and land) is less than $50,000.    The water department (two people) has a new vehicle.  We built a children's playground (~60k) which is unused because kids have land to play on in their own ^&$# back yards.

I attended every city and county council meeting until my new work schedule ruled that out.   I raised these concerns regularly and was patted on the head.  I tell you all this because if it happened in my "zero stop lights" town it can happen anywhere.

Also, it's hard to believe one owns paid off  real property when the State can seize it for not paying yearly tribute or if they claim they found a pot plant. I now consider land ownership to be another way for the State to gain leverage over people.  I used to think land meant freedom;  now I see it as another shackle to be cast off.

These are contributing factors to my personal secession and plans for vanlife retirement.
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