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Full Version: Neat Furniture Ideas (Or a handy waste of time)
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I stumbled across this while screen sucking today.  The name of the video is misleading, as I only saw one or two gates.  The rest is convertible furniture.

I thought some of the ideas had merit for vandwelling and RVs, and thus am sharing the video below.  Take particular notice to the Murphy bed designs (8:59) that have shelves on the outside that don't need cleared off before the bed folds out.  Also watch for the "disappearing chair" around (6:43).

And, of course, the bed in the preview image never appears in the video.... (sigh)

Yes I hate that, should be TouTube law the preview image has to represent an actual portion of the video.

I am trying to find DIY howto stuff on making inflatable furniture like they had in the 70's.
Oldie but a goody -

There's a second volume too.

Tons of web info on PVC furniture too.