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Full Version: How to meet people from the forum that are here
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I drove in this evening and found a spot at lone tree blm north of lake havasu. Tomorrow I'm going to explore and find a new spot to camp. Would be nice to visit spots where some familiar names (from the forum) are camping at and meet....make new friends before the RTR. I'm driving a silver Ford e150 passenger van with a front bumper bandaid  (ducktape), OK tag and stickers on back window. Flag me down if you see me and say hey!!! Any suggestions of what camping spots to check out? I'm a newbie, and would love to meet some of the tribe. Anyone else looking to find someone to camp with?
Glad you made it safely! Will see you later this week!
That's a great pic!

I think there is another person in Havasu looking for company.
We are from Coweta...we are at laPosa north in long term for now and another friend till we meet up with groups, here on Thursday night potluck karaoke and dancing just down the road everybody's welcome we've been going to it for years and have a wonderful time. You're more than welcome to come join us when you come in La posa south I mean North excuse me. Go straight Go pass the garbage over the wash and it'll straighten out how big areas and we have a big maroon and cream Diesel Pusher on the left and there is a white van parked close to us who is also on the form you're more than welcome to come join us anytime you want. Hope to see you
Check out Craggy Wash just north of the Havasu Airport. Spent 2 weeks there and it was great! Mitch the Campground Host is a super nice guy! I am not there now but will be at the RTR site on the 7th.

Hiya've been PMing me about traveling w/meds

I'm here in Quartzite LTVA La Posa North camping with "DKW68"............small world ...........

Glad to see you made it !         doug
Groovy! You must be in the white van? Speaking of meds, didn't bring any... Too stressful. Is driving in to visit okay? Would love to talk to some people besides sunny my traveling companion, he doesn't speak just listens! Marla
Explored Lake Havasu City today then drove South on 95. BLM land in between there in Parker did not seem appealing to me. Too many atv's!!! Ended up on a hill above Blue Water Casino for the evening. Already met some awesome people! Not sure where I'll end up tomorrow, suggestions?
Except for the occasional ATV, most of them will be gone by tomorrow.

Holiday weekends in the desert mean a ton of overly enthusiastic weekend warriers who all ride ATVs... Rolleyes 

If you saw some land north of Parker that otherwise had any appeal, check it back out tomorrow!

Between Parker and Ehrenberg is almost all Colorado River Indian Tribe land so no BLM land.