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Full Version: Thinking About Covering My Roof....
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Now that my little camper is parked under the carport & protected (for the most part) from the sun, & after I eventually get my plumbing all in the ground, & get the little camper underpinned, I'm considering buying 5 sheets of foamboard insulation, & completely covering the roof. 5 sheets would be enough to cover the whole thing, & would cost me about $80. Thinking about simply laying the stuff up there, with a few bricks on each piece, to hold each piece in place, after cutting out for roof vents, etc. 

Seems to me it would hold up well, since the carport would keep it pretty much shielded from the elements, & without being glued down, I could easily & quickly remove it when/if I sell or move the camper. 

I'm thinking this would be a quick, easy, money-saving improvement, & $80 well spent, Summer OR Winter, but mainly during Winter, since windows & ceilings account for the lion's share of heat loss.

Probably should work as far as the insulation.  You have to evaluate any wind risk, both for blowing the stuff off and for blowing rain onto it.  I assume you don't have much snow concern.  I also don't know the interaction of the insulation with the rubber roof.  Does it need a vapor barrier?

Also, and what led me to reply in the first place, was your mention of plumbing the camper in.  Hopefully this is old news to you and you have taken it into account, but I have bumped into people who had mobile homes and then went to a camper/trailer and left the black water valve open all the time while parked.  With a mobile home, that approach is designed in the system as I understand it.  But with an RV or travel trailer if you leave the black tank valve open you can end up with a tank with the dreaded brown pyramid.  That is because the water drains off and leaves the brown matter in the tank to build up.  Not a good thing.  Keep that black tank closed until full and it is time to dump.  And use copious amounts of water in that tank to flush it away when you dump.
SirJoey:  Here's hoping you read Mike's second paragraph carefully enough times to take what he wrote there as gospel.  It is.

Thanx, guys, and yeah, I'm already aware of the method to use, regarding plumbing up the tanks. In fact, I posted about it myself in this thread:  (Sorry, but the "links" button above still doesn't work for me.)

Mike, I think a few bricks will hold the stuff in place, unless things get REALLY dicey! We don't usually get much snow here, & the carport roof is gonna keep most of it off anyway. Hopefully, a little rain or snow blowing up under there from the exposed ends won't hurt the stuff, although I don't know that for a fact. 

Not sure about any possible interaction between the foamboard & the rubberized roof either, but I don't think it's likely to be a problem. At any rate, I'm willing to risk giving it a shot. 

Thanx a lot for the input & food for thought, guys!