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Full Version: Handy bit set for bit drivers
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This was an impulse purchase I madeĀ a couple of months ago ($7 or so from Advance Auto) that I haven't used much. It came in real handy the other day because it includes 'star'-type bits that I needed to take apart the door latch on my Ford van. It also has the square nose bits that are used for the screws used to attach paneling,etc. in conversion vans and RVs.
Good way to get started, but any bits you use regularly, pay more for top-quality hardened steel early replacements, for when the cheap one is going to get chewed up.

Same strategy works well for screwdivers, sockets and tire lugs, drill bits.

Great to have the obscure ones you don't use much, but in the end the ones you do worth paying for quality.
I picked this set from Lowe's. I think it was about $15.