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Full Version: Life Is Easy...Best TED Presentation ever!!!!
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I saw this on the internet and it seems to apply to Van/RV dwellers.  I loved the presentation!!!

Check it out!

I love the TED Talks...  headed there now to check out this edition!  Thanks!
Great share, Billy.  I also love TedTalks and this is a good one.  Thanks.
Watching it now...i wish they would of subtitled him though.  The audio is low and combined with that accent its hard to understand him.   I do get the gist of what hes saying though.

I particularly like his message about connecting with others and how society teaches us to be 'independent', but we are actually just dependent on money then instead of each other.  Something to think about (tho vandwellers are a independent lot, this community itself kind of shows a need and desire to connect with others for betterment).

I think maybe he is under estimating how difficult it is to establish the life he believes people should have though in places like the US, who design a system to force you into complicating your life.  For instance, you can't just go out next to the family rice patty field (not that such agrigulture markets even exist here in most of the US) and build a house, than take a half acre and plant a garden.  The land must be purchased and taxes paid, codes followed etc.  I do believe of course you can simplify greatly but it might not be as easy to do as he believes in other places.  Probably a lot more doable than the 30 year 200000$ mortgage certainly.