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Full Version: Best sewn-to-fit cover/tarp for TT?
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Looking for the best sewn-to-fit cover/tarp for my 19ft Puma travel trailer. Any recommendations? I hear that many brands are not waterproof and fall apart after a year in the weather.
The UV light component of natural sun light, tends to break down most materials. So only tarp material of a certain thickness can be expected to be able to withstand slowly getting scorched by the UV of sunlight.
Even tarp material that is classified as UV resistant , will suffer degradation by UV ligt, it will just be slower.

It is also very difficult to make a completely waterproof seem, if using stitching (read: a sowing machine). Which is why tarps that are (and will remain) waterproof are typically melted together using ultrasound. As ultrasound melting can be done in such a way the the heat happens right between the two metal lips of the ultra sound joinery machine.

These aspects typically makes durable and long-term waterproof tarps a bit spendy.
Full waterproofing isn't necessarily what you want as it will also trap moisture inside.

This place has the materials.  They are spendy.  They do a lot of business with boaters, folks that do custom work should be available in at least some larger marinas.

A canvas tarp, not custom, might be a good option.  I've not tried it.
Covers are basically disposable items. The elements sooner or later degrade them.
A big cheap blue tarp has worked for 1,000's over the years. After a year or two you replace them.