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Full Version: Will this work?
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I put this insulation down mainly to reduce condensation but im wondering if it will get crushed under the plywood and everything on top of you think this is a good idea? Should i just use plywood and not worry about the condensation?  If the floor is going to be cold anyway and most of the heat rises maybe i dont need it. I already spent all day finishing it so would it hurt to leave it? Im bolting my plywood down with the cargo tie down bolts and pocket screwing the seams.What do you think?
Yes need insulation unless following the 60's, against cold lots more above than below, floor is critical when running aircon.

If you put support in the lower strips then compression strength foam alone may be fine, but you'll want something tough to spread the load and protect from high psi puncture-type loads like vinyl or dense foam/rubber.

I don't like the weight factor of thick ply myself.
I bought thin plywood around 3/8" thats going on top of the insulation. The insulation is 1/2" foam board.