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Full Version: Slab City Dangers
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TMG51 is a male. Maybe that is why.
(02-05-2018, 02:30 PM)TMG51 Wrote: [ -> ]I have taken mixed drinks from strangers in Slab City, more than once. Did not get raped. Some of those people turned into long term friends.

Once you become old and ugly, I think that rule relaxes.
(02-05-2018, 03:44 PM)RVTravel Wrote: [ -> ]TMG51 is a male. Maybe that is why.

That's sexist!

Nah but actually, I was just chiming in with my positive story to offset the negative. And, you know, guys can get raped too. And all sorts of other things. Robbed. Murdered. Identity stolen. Vehicle stolen. (Vehicle house, at that - quite the incentive amongst nomads and squatters.)

Really what it boils down to is common sense. I took drinks from those people because I felt like I read them well and they had no motive to harm me. Had they known where my van was parked and what was inside, I might not have decided to trust them when they offered me unsealed drinks.

If you're a female in a group of strangers you also need to use common sense. In today's political climate it's not acceptable to imply any fault on the part of the female in this scenario. "Victim blaming," and "still not asking for it," and other such buzz phrases. Yeah, that's all true. Rape is wrong. Of course the rapists are the ones at fault. But thievery is wrong too. And you wouldn't leave your cell phone and laptop in plain sight in your car in a bad part of town. If you did, and your car got broken into, someone might say maybe you shouldn't'a done that. Sometimes common sense is needed for a woman in a group of strangers.

I recall one time meeting a girl on the street around 1 AM when the bars were closing. I offered her my thermous, an unsealed drink. She said, "you drink it first." I did. Then she did. And we had a good time. She was using common sense.

All this is not intended to drone on about gender differences or whatever, but ultimately to say that Slab City is a mixed place with lots going on. It's not a bad place. It will be what you make of it. But as with anywhere, you should bring your common sense.

(02-05-2018, 06:09 PM)GotSmart Wrote: [ -> ]Once you become old and ugly, I think that rule relaxes.

I was always ugly, but am I old yet?
Niland currently has 800+ residents and an abundance of crime for such a small community....
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