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Full Version: Slab City Dangers
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Hello all,
I have traveled on and off since the late 80's, Slab City is the ONLY boon docking area I will not go to without a lot of friends, and really prefer to never go there.  The Slabs has a lot of really cool people looking for that old school hippie commune type feeling, but it also has a lot of straight up meth and heroine addicts and just bad, mentally unstable people too.

I know there is a lot of people that day nothing happened to them, good for them, the place is still bad news.

Go with friends if you must, guard your camp at all times, travel in groups and carry something defensive like pepper or wasp spray (for people and dogs).

If you want a nice hippie commune type atmosphere without the bad people there is Saline Valley Warm Springs in Death Valley, it is a long tedious travel on dirt roads however, very hard to get to.
Can you tell those of us what happened?
This one in particular was about a hitchhiker couple that showed up to the slabs, they were hanging out with some of the slabbers (full time residents) and were offered some shots. Apparently the drinks were roofied, the girl was raped and the guy beat up.
So what happened is something that you might have happen anywhere. I have heard of stories about bad things happening there for years. I have also talked to people that spend time there every year. They say differently than your report.

Hitchhiking and taking unsealed drinks from strangers. Things my mom warned me about 50 years ago.
You can find bad people anywhere.

It's like when someone gets ripped off & they had an ad on craigslist, all you hear about is the dangers of craigslist, like that wouldn't have happened if the ad was in the classifieds in the paper?

You have to be careful!
(02-05-2018, 07:15 AM)Itripper Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently the drinks were roofied, the girl was raped and the guy beat up.

You mean, like at a frat party?
The last time i visited "the slabs" it was populated by all types. Some friendly, some careful and some scary. I also recommend being in a group for protection. I did not stick around after one night and a day.
I spent a month at the Slabs a couple of years ago. It's not hard to tell which people to avoid.
...or that the press will blow up over an incident in a Lyft or Uber car, while some stuff that happens in traditional taxis might curl the hair on your toes... yet goes mostly unreported.
I have taken mixed drinks from strangers in Slab City, more than once. Did not get raped. Some of those people turned into long term friends.
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