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Full Version: Full Time Boondocking in the Country
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Looks like a permanent change of scenery is in the future...

A farmer friend is going to rent me a sheltered spot on his farm where I can live in the van with electricity provided.   Heat is good!  It's about 30 minutes from where I have been staying at Dad's.  I've been there to help Dad as much as possible but his condition has deteriorated sharply.  The state is helping him stay in his home but those days are winding down quickly, unfortunately.  One way or the other, a move looked imminent.

Since I've been sleeping in the van nearly every night for a year and a half it's given me a lot of time to shake the bugs out.  I've always felt "full time" but this sort of makes it more official yet.  It will be good to have a "base" but I can still roam whereever and whenever the spirit moves and I won't have to check in with anyone if I want to sleep down by the trout stream in the van... 

It has been my assertion, and plan, that this is viable just about anywhere there's privately owned land. If one were fully self contained and needed no electricity then there is no downside for the owner. Who wouldn't be willing to rent a patch of land out on the lower forty? It's win-win.
Good news Brad...Nice set up and still be close to well,
Glad you found a port in the storm, Brad! Sending good vibes and mojo!
Glad to hear that you've found somewhere you can park and have some electricity as well. That is very good news!
Nice to hear good news
Thanks, friends!  Dad took the news pretty well.  I'm on the road for a while, stopping and applying online for jobs, etc.  The first cat, Serena, has been awesome.  She loves the outdoors and is so calm!  I've been "grooming" her for sometime by taking naps in Dad's driveway with the cat in the van.  It's a great way to get the animal used to the darker, confined space. 

I let her play and explore outside and she's having a ball.  This morning when I started the van, I couldn't find the cat.  She had gotten back inside the back of the van and was sitting on the bed looking like "Why aren't we under way?"

Friends often ask what it's like living in a van every day.  I tell them it's like being on a vacation that never ends.  Of course, that's not news to any of us here!   *smile*

Awesome!  I've been putting out feelers for something like that.  I plan to go full time next year or bust, and I can sorta do this at my sisters place but it would still be street parking which is bad.  Congrats!
Full Time Boondocking !!!---I've been doing that since June 1984 when I bought this place.
Great, how cold is it? It will be nice for you to be able to hook up a small portable heater in your van. I would guess you are using a Mr Buddy or something now.
30 min may seem like a long ways fron your dad if he needs something but it isn't as bad as it seems. I was 30 min from my mom and managed. I did have my sister that helped part of the time, its hard to do alone.
Certain meds caused my mom to think she was dying and she had paranoia at the end. I had to make lots of night time trips to the nursing home and by the time I got there, crisis was usually over and she was asleep and didn't remember. Point being, and this wasn't intended to be about me, take care of yourself emotionally and eat well. You will never be able to do everything yourself as the time ends for your dad.

edit 1, Brad, I went over the time line and don't have a clue if this is a new thread or one from 2012. I need to figure out my time and date settings on the new forum. So, if this is old news, sorry.