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Full Version: Elderly budget care-campground plus. Who would be interested?
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Would you be interested in a campground that also had a community of helpers for the ADL's one might be having trouble with?
There are new programs that fund pretty much anything if you can show a cheaper alternative than moving into a nursing home.
This can include payment for a helper to take care of ADL's.
We certainly have no shortage of people who need work.

It would take less than ten principles to make this happen with monthly fees under $150 for the site.

One plot of land Mrs G and I are looking at is a legal campground with zero-zoning entanglements.
80+ acres and currently 30 sites.
5800 elevation in NM. Wink

How many would be interested?

Sound like madness to you, or like me, does it seem so damned obvious, it makes you wonder why no one has already done it??

Keep in mind, loads of people are brought to homes simply because they can no longer make the potty reliably.
I think they deliver Depends in New Mexico without the need to surrender ones sovereignty to a nursing home.

I would love to hear the thoughts of others on this subject.
Awesome Idea! I'm a caretaker for my Dad with Alzhiemers he is getting towards the end stage so there wouldn't be time for him watching him slowly fade has me thinking of when my time comes and it would be so nice to have a place to go that's safe and friendly. The Government pays me over $1500 a month for me to keep Dad home if someone could make happen what your talking about it would defiantly be self supporting so it could have a small medical staff and Doctors who check in. Also the guests would have Social Security that they can keep so they feel independent and not a burden I know Escapees has a Similar Place in Texas and charge $900 a month but for many they would have no money left for necessities. I think if someone took the time to investigate there would be plenty of money for funding a good place to start maybe P.A.C.E Program ran by the Federal Government. It would be a Godsend to have your idea come to be! If you need help let me know but I think someone with a Administrative Medical Background would be a big help and even a Private Concern may be interested 100 members @ $1,500 is $150,000 a month that would pay for a lot of Depends a dozen or so Aids and a couple of Nurses and a Doctor on call no problem!
Peace and Blessings!
Very interesting idea.
I am a retired R.N, university grad, experienced with such patients. Dont know what would be involved in establishing a nursing lic. where you are or liability protection but it cant be hard to find out.
I've met a couple of care givers who provide mobile services in my current rv park. I understand the park gives the resident/patient a discounted rent or lease and a larger space to accommodate the daily visiting service providers. There are several nomadic nurses who also reside in the park and travel all over the country working for hospitals in need of nursing staff..

It gets very hot here in the summer but patient access is never limited due to inclement weather i.e.; snow covered roads or freezing conditions.

I like your thought process...
5800 feet is going to be pretty chilly in the winter, in NM
The folks with COPD might have an issue with the amount of O2 at 5800 feet.

A place like this already exists it's called Florida.
This is a great idea and is the next step in the Nomad process.
Wonderful idea.

Co-op based or non-profit, means-tested sliding scale.

Would need a hard-nosed business manager and a board with deep and wide professional experience and political connections to make it long-term sustainable.

Dirty tricks from the profit-making sector and their political lackeys are inevitable

So plan for them as expected; budget lobbying, grass-roots PR campaigns and legal fees as a big part of the first decade's start-up costs.
I think this is an idea that sounds great.  Considerations would have to include having someone who would make sure the care given would be in compliance with all regulations from various regulatory bodies.  Not sure which one would be applicable here.

Also, what will you do as people's conditions decline and require more care than can be provided?  A person who is simply incontinent can care for themselves if they are physically able to change their clothes and clean themselves.  But if they need help with that, they will most likely need that help several times a day, every day, at least.  And if they require that level of assistance, they will also need help with meal prep, housekeeping, laundry, shopping, trips to doctors, all ADL's.  As their conditions decline, which they will, be prepared to have someone live with them.  One person forgetting to turn off the stove can be catastrophic.

Will you be prepared to provide RV services also?  Dumping tanks, unclogging stopped up drains, water leaks, filling propane tanks, AC repair in summer, furnace in winter?  

At what level of care do you draw the line?  And what happens when you get to that point?
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