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I am interested to know more about this place near Death Valley as I am currently in the area
a word about Saline Valley hot springs.

there are 3 roads into the valley, North Pass, South Pass, and Lippincott Mine Road. it's 50 miles of off road driving to the closest paved road. this area is NOT for inexperienced desert travelers, I cannot emphasize this enough. your vehicle must be top notch condition especially tires. any or all of the roads might be closed due to weather at any time. often in winter North Pass is closed because of snow. Lippincott Mine road is a jeep trail, narrow, rocky, rough, steep, and many switch backs. South Pass is usually the best road but it's no guarantee, it can get washed out and snow too. the county of Inyo does maintain North and South pass roads, but this maintenance is spotty at best and not regular. in times of extreme weather these are the last roads to be repaired they have more important roads to keep open. a few years back severe thundershowers came through the area and washed out all the roads it was 2 years before the county fixed the roads. until they did it was up to the locals to make the roads passable.

so to review, unless you have a short wheel base 4x4 stay off Lippincott. local inquiry about road conditions is highly recommended. I will say it again, unless you are an experienced desert traveler don't try it on any road.

I have gone in and out on all the roads several times, I know what I am talking about. funny little story, once when coming over the Lippincott road from Death Valley we had to roll several large boulders off the road. one the those boulders landed right on the road below us so we had to move it twice.

here is the Saline Valley Talk website the forum can give you good info on road conditions,

one last thing, the outhouse at the middle spring has a million dollar view, especially if there is snow on the Inyo Mountains. highdesertranger
a second word on Saline Valley Hot Springs...

I drove North Pass to the spring turnoff and then out through South Pass. I was in a 1993 Ford F350 4x4 and had no problems. I wouldn't recommend it in the dark though. North Pass was actually in decent shape while South Pass was worse but still better than when I rode through about five years ago. The roads are heavily washboarded so be wary.

And there's also Steel Pass. It's not as hardcore as Lippincott but a lot tougher than North or South Pass. Just mentioning....
(02-05-2018, 04:50 PM)DuneElliot Wrote: [ -> ]I am interested to know more about this place near Death Valley as I am currently in the area

It's about a 25 mile drive on the bad part of a dirt, gravel, wash board and or washed out road. Your truck would make it no problem but you'll beat up the tt dragging it in there..  

It's normally a few naked sleazy old guys and maybe a few overland campers.
Here's a link to the Saline Valley Preservation forums. They have fairly current updates on all (4) road conditions leading into the area.

North road access is about 20 miles shorter to the springs than the South access. Steele and Lippincott roads should be used by short wheel base 4x4 off road vehicles only.
oops I totally forgot about Steele Pass. I have never been that way. highdesertranger
Sounds like a place to miss. Wasn't that worried about it really, unless it was easy to get to. As a slender and half-decent-looking lady of moderate years (so I'm told) I'll avoid places that are not safe.
I didn't mean to suggest it wasn't safe but I did take my kids with me last time and they wanted nothing to do with all the naked old dudes out there. We biked and hiked and still had fun but never went near the hot tubs...

Death valley has tons of stuff to do, no need to go all the way out there anyway....
i've been to saline many times, a few of those were at night going 50+mph in a toyota 4x4 without problem. i've heard toyota prius' bottoming out while getting to the springs.

anyone can make it as long as you drive slowly.
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