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Full Version: Sleeping bags sheets
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Bought this great sleeping bag. WIDE!!! Whats the best way to put a sheet in there? 
Sew a sheet into a bag shape. Good for hauling presents too, Santa. 
Speaking for myself, I like to keep my sheet flat, as it would make getting out a lot harder if the sheet were bag-shaped.  I just fold mine lengthwise and insert it into the unzipped sleeping bag [which is a roomy rectangle] before getting in.  I take it out in the morning and fold it up separately.  Otherwise, it gets all twisted up in there.
SHEETS! What do you think this is the Holiday Inn or somthing? Next
you will be wanting a teddy bear or something. :-) j/k
Yeah sheets!! Comfy cotton sheets. I velcroed the bottom and top to the sleeping bag. I used industrial strength. Wrapped myself in the sleeping bag and fell asleep. LOL Didn't mean to but did.
Quote:Yeah sheets!! Comfy cotton sheets. I velcroed the bottom and top to the sleeping bag.

That's a really good idea.  I have a thrift store sleeping bag with a sheet that buttons in.  Buttons are on the inside of the bag and button holes are on the sheet.
#4  Rollin:  Uplifting post.  I've never understood about sheets once I quit sleeping with women.  The cats don't seem to care one way or the other.
Sheets help to keep the sleeping bag clean and are a lot easier to wash.  The sleeping bag requires an extra large front load washer and about $5 to wash. 
#7... Jack... My post was meant to be a joke in relation to another post, hence the :-) (smiley face) and the j/k (just kidding abbreviations). Hopefully that's the way "She" took it. If not then I offer my sincere apologies to you She for the misunderstanding or any offence.

Rollin: I can't imagine anyone being offended by anything a human being might say about sheets.