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Full Version: great deal i think
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 Yeah, but that OSB is nasty stuff! Weighs a ton, flakes apart when exposed to a lot of moisture, and, if you're worried about outgassing, there's TONs of glue there. Did I mention that it's heavy? It's heavy. ..Willy.
4x8x7/16 osb is $6.99-$7.99 @Lowes and HD. 2" foam insulation was $20 a 4x8 sheet last time i bought some ( a few years ago), so not really sure it is a good deal or not. Osb has no more glue than any other plywood, it is just manufactured differently. MOST of the time, there is several weeks to several months between manufacture and delivery to the retail store where it probably sits for another couple weeks. As far as weight, if it gets wet and swells, it will hold moisture forever, mabye thats
where the heavier comes into play. The reason that panels like these are sold is because it eliminates a step in the construction process ( less labor) and there are sure to be no insulation gaps and a tighter envelope. In fact, I built one home with a panel system thst came with osb /foam insulation /1/2" sheetrock already put together.You cut channels in it for plumbing and wiring. If i had a box van, cargo trailer, or was building a tiny house, i would use this stuff, and im not really sensitive to much of anything ( 25 years of construction will beat that out of you!) Probably not in a van, though, as you couldnt curve it to fit the walls well at all.It could be a decent floor, if you put laminate over it.

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Willey, i read the review, interesting only one companys info was used, mainly in favor of plywood, which costs 30% more. As a building product, osb is fine to use, has off gassed in weeks, and flooring varities in the 5/8 to 3//4" range carry a 50 yr warrenty- FAR more than comparable plywood. And any pulling of fasteners is compensated for bygluing and screwing or ring shank nails, both of which are called for by building code in most areas that i know of. When you are boosting sheets onto a roof, usually 1/2", heavy is heavy no matter which variety you use, but i never actually weighed either. For the 4-5 sheets you would use in a van , the difference would be negligable. Sorry to dissagree, but i stand by my comments, having had extensive experiance with both. * shrug* To each thier own.