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Full Version: Trying to find a small van video of Bob's
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I have searched, but cannot find it.
There was a point where Bob split off on his own and a bunch of vids got deleted or moved. I think this was among them, but I never saw it get reposted.

This video was a tour of a nice lady and the white Ford mini/transit van she had recently purchased.
She had gone "hippie" with flowers all over it and the inside, which had been done by a master craftsperson, was one of the best small-RV custom builds I had ever seen.

As I recall, there was a fairly in-depth look at the features inside.

(I would like to know how she is doing now also. We need more original hippies among our ranks. Big Grin  )

Anyone know where this is or how to get a copy of it?
Maybe try typing in CheapRVliving + van and then hit image. Maybe you'll recognize it.
This is the one that came to mind for me as I had remembered the flowers!

Thank you so much. Not sure how I missed it, Confused but you certainly found it! Big Grin

Hope she got to take off like she wanted to.

...what a cool van!!
(02-16-2018, 09:16 AM)RoadtripsAndCampfires Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe try typing in CheapRVliving + van and then hit image.  Maybe you'll recognize it.

I get the feeling that won't narrow it down much. Smile