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Full Version: Question Regarding Bob Wells' Videos on Youtube
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Howdy everyone!
         My husband and I are going full time in (hopefully) a Class C in September, so we are studying up on RV living as much as possible.  We are listening to as many of Bob's videos as possible on Youtube.  Question:  Are all his videos on this site somewhere or are they all only on Youtube?  If they ARE on this site, under which tab would we find them?  We know how to access Youtube, but aren't very good at knowing how to access a SPECIFIC video.  Can someone help us.  We ARE subscribed to Bob's Youtube.
Currently, Bob's videos are only on YouTube.

Welcome to the forum!
Thanks so much Van DwellerMod!  Another question.  Maybe you can send me the link for this.  I just finished listening to one of his videos called Snowbird Schedule Intro Part #1.  At the end, he mentions that he is going to do a SERIES of videos regarding where to camp for each of the seasons.  Would you know where I could find that?  I've done a search for "Snowbird Schedule" on his channel, but I can't find anything like a "Part 2."  Can you help?
You won't find the next in the series because Bob hasn't posted it yet. The video that you watched was only posted two days ago. Bob also may post on another subject before coming back to the Snowbird series so be patient.

 One way to find videos that interest you is to scan the total list of videos. The bright yellow lettering is a big help.
(02-16-2018, 10:03 AM)DanandElaine Wrote: [ -> ]  We know how to access Youtube, but aren't very good at knowing how to access a SPECIFIC video.  

On YouTube, click on the YouTube channel name, in small print, right under the title of whatever video creator you want to see.

In this case, click on the actual words: 'CheapRVLiving' 
Then look for the word 'Videos' just to the right of the word 'Home'.

Click on 'Videos' and everything on the channel is displayed, and you can scroll down to look for videos that interest you. You can also hover your cursor over a video and click on the little 'clock' symbol, this will mark it for you to watch later (in your 'Watch Later' library) as your time and interest permit. 

You will also see a 'Sort by' icon on the top right....this may help you find what you want. 

Of course this works for all YouTube channels.
Oh...I nearly forgot....on that same channel page, you will find a search feature that looks like a little magnifying that and you can search within the channel for what you are looking for.