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Full Version: Living in rv on your own land
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Does anyone know of a list of counties where it's legal to live in your rv on your own land?
What state(s)?
It's legal in many places but the zoning laws and building codes differ from county to county and town to town.

Can you narrow it down to a region you're interested in?
Every town or county has its own regs, and more crucially its own degree of enforcement and interpretation.

Which of course can change anytime TPTB feel like it.

Very very few jurisdictions don't require septic for example, even if you show a great composting setup or carry your potty to a dump station, only allowed for temporary use, while you're building a house they approved the plans.

So I would also like to see a national list of truly free jurisdictions, no restrictions at all.
Likely only a handful, out in the middle of western desert somewhere, or no PTB at all like Slab City.
(02-16-2018, 12:12 PM)cyndi Wrote: [ -> ]Can you narrow it down to a region you're interested in?

Well, there is a family farm in Calloway County, KY and I have friends in parts of TN.
No go in Navajo county, AZ