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Full Version: Vision care in Mexico
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When visiting the optometrist in Algonones or anywhere in Mexico for that matter, do they offer all the same options as you would have in the states? I have progressive lenses and I also have astigmatism in one eye. Will they have bifocal contact lenses as an option? What about getting Lasic eye surgery in Mexico? Is that an option and is it safe?

Is there a separate form just for dealing with medical issues living on the road?
Not sure about Mexico, but lots of medical tourism to Thailand and lots of doctors have studied in the U.S or UK. I have had lots of good experiences with doctors and dentists there and much cheaper that in Western countries. This is a good website for information on Thailand, but lots of very negative expats, so take what they say with a grain of salt. There is a moderator in the medical forum who is particularly honest and good.
Where is the medical forum?
I've read & heard of very good cost saving eye care in Los Algodones Mexico, and a youtube search will provide a number of videos. Travelers have been going to this town for years, and perhaps other forums that are RV related will have specific information. It's a good bet that some members here have been to Los Algodones for glasses and can provide referrals. This forum doesn't have a health issue sub-forum.
I think we need a health sub-forum.