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Full Version: Better Than Slab City
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So I'm working in Anaheim last week and noticed what I thought was some kind of event or farmers market along the river by Angel Stadium. As I get closer, I see another slab city but in an area with better weather and way more benefits...

Check it out..
every so often the cities along the river go through and "clean" it all up. highdesertranger
I got a reserved spot over by Angel Stadium so I can go watch ball games.
(02-23-2018, 04:26 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]every so often the cities along the river go through and "clean" it all up.  highdesertranger

Except there is standing room 'only' from Los Angeles to San Diego! Where are they going to put or 'clean' them all up at? Mexico? lol. 

Thousands flow over the border a day, and San Diego is the mother-load and leads into the Promised Land: CA.
They just cleaned it out last week.
Wow, look at the stuff they had to haul out of this place... County has to remove the top 2" - 3" of soil throughout the area from all the contamination. This makes the Ehrenberg clean up look like a family picnic....

Here's an Orange Country Register story on what was found and removed at the site, impressive!

BTW, for those of you on limited data, don't follow this link, there are lots of photos...