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Full Version: Expedition Happiness, the movie
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I watched this on Netflix, and it was about a young couple from Germany who come to America, convert a school bus, and travel thru Canada, Alaska, the USA, Mexico, and parts of Central America.

They have a few problems along the way...nothing major, other than their dog needs veterinary care a couple of times. 

There are the usual issues with minor mechanical problems, where to park, etc. I have to wonder where the financing for this trip came from, but the man does mention that he has a business in maybe that is the source of the funds. 

Overall, a good story worth watching if you have Netflix and the bandwidth.

Thanks, tx2sturgis, and bless these kids' hearts; they're having the time of their lives. What wonderful memories they'll have many years from now. Not among those memories will be the treatment that these perfectly innocent and lovely young people received trying to enter the US from Canada.


At least Canada and Mexico made them welcome. That's what they'll remember.

No politics here; just sayin'.

You know, I realize that my brief synopsis sounded a bit negative...actually it's an upbeat film, well shot and edited, gorgeous scenery, and fun adventures sprinkled all thru the film. 

The enjoyable musical score was mostly written and sung by the gal in the have to watch the credits to discover that fun little fact. 

But the last thing I wanted to do was spoil the ending....suffice to say they have a grand time.