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Full Version: In motion Directv question
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Hi all,

I haven't made the plunge yet in getting an RV, but I will be purchasing one within the next few months to a year at the latest.  But anyhow here is what I am wanting to know.  From what I have read it just isn't possible to have HD Directv in motion.  So if I get a In Motion setup will I be able to receive HD programming once the RV is stationary?  Also which Dish would you recommend for my needs?  Any help regarding this matter is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,
The dish needed for directv hd is too big for the in-motion setup.  I think it will work with dish tv hd. 
Good to know.  I've done some research on it and I think I'm not going to worry about having an inmotion setup and go with the Winegard Traveler stationary setup, that way I can have HD.  Eventually I might add one of the setups that you can get for a SUV or Truck to have in motion but I think for the moment at least, I can manage without in motion. 

I know for a fact I will not be going with Dish, after having both I much much prefer Directv.  Dish always manages to piss me off in one way or another.
To bad you dont like Dish Network. I've always had good luck with them. They have a nice small portable HD dish for a decent price:

I'm thinking about getting it. All you do is set it outside on the ground, tell it what State you are in, and hit the button. It automatically finds the signals.
Plus Dish has a cheap Slongbox adaptor for thier DVR, at least it is cheap if you buy it from Amazon. Anywhere I have a phone signal (4G is best) I can watch everything that is on my home TV plus any of my DVR recordings. It goes to my phone but then with an HDMI cable I can hook it to a bigger screen. You can even have in motion TV if you can maintain a good phone signal. Of course you need to hook your DVR/Slingbox to the internet at home.
I have DirectTV, but not HD or In-motion. I got it at a dealer here in Quartzsite who specializes in RV systems. There are lots of in and outs with RVs that the regular dealers simply will not know. They will all tell you that RVs are no big deal, but it is.

My dealer old me that Tailgator was a terrible product and he had nothing but problems with them. There is a reason they are that cheap. Buy a Winegard product. Buy the best and only cry once. Buy cheap junk and cry constantly. Bob
Thanks everyone for your input, I've been researching the matter for a few days now and after reading reviews, this forum and countless other sites I have decided not to worry about having an in motion set up and have decided to go with the Winegard SK-3005 DIRECTV Slimline Dish and two HR24 HD DVR Directv Receivers.  That should be more than sufficient for my needs.  For in motion entertainment I've decided that I'm going to go with a in dash GPS Receiver that supports SiriusXM.  Between the two, I should have more than enough Entertainment options.  Thank you all again for your input, it has greatly helped me in making my decision.