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Full Version: No camping at Buckeye Hills Regional Park
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Buckeye Hills has been my favorite free spot in the Phoenix metro area. But Maricopa County Parks & Recreation has decided to suspend camping there. I hope "suspension" in the notice below means it's only temporary. However, there's no hint as to how long this will last.

"At this time primitive camping will not be offered at Buckeye Hills Regional Park.  Suspension of this service goes into effect on January 21st 2018 with the last night of primitive camping being January 21st 2018."
Yea, the place has been getting very popular in recent years (didn't help that I posted it online). Last time I popped in there in 2016 it was basically full, and some of those people were not so great neighbors. I heard that the county now has plans to open it up as a paid camping location (instead of free) probably in large part to how many people are camping there now.
Bummer! I had a great night’s sleep there on the way to the RTR...
I heard the same as van tramp