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Full Version: For those aware of the Datsun "FAIRLADY" scenario...
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You will understand why these lights nearly caused me to spit coffee all over my monitor.

(The link is to a set of LED spotlights for use on off road vehicles)

Knowing your intended customer is key to the success of your product. 

(Much respect to the 240Z. One of the best sports cars ever produced on the planet Earth.)
Not Metal.
It's fair to say whoever named those lights does not fully understand their target market.

Supposedly the first set of 240Z's were actually shipped to the US with the Fairlady Z badges, but the head of Datsun USA pried them off and wouldn't let them go to the dealers until new badges were put on.

Those things were so fun to drive.
YES THEY WERE (And they made such good use of an American V8, both Ford and Chevy...*drool*)
I'm not getting any of the name/cultural references here, anyone care to explain like I'm 5?

At $6.50 each the light look pretty good for adapting to all kinds of uses. . .
Fairlady = Cutequeen

Fair = Cute
Lady = Queen

The Nissan Fairlady was the Japanese name given the the early Nissan Z cars (240Z, 260Z, etc).

I have a set of very similar lights with a different branding. They're a great deal for the price. Very bright, low power, easy to install.
OK, but still don't see why either name would be a spitting-coffee issue.

Googled the car, and seems like it was a very cool model.

Is it that these products are supposed to cater to men that are so insecure in their masculinity that all branding should be "macho" or something?
Uh-oh. My error! They are metal. They look very good.
I did have experiences with 1984 Datsun 300ZX it made me shiver & my knees turned to jelly that lasted for a few hours. I was nearly scared chitless but nevertheless, it was fun.
I think the key is just not overly effeminate for a product aimed nearly 100% at "good ole boys."

"Cutequeen" is so far over the top, it...well, if it needs more explanation, you wouldn't understand.
I know what CQ is & I do.
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