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Full Version: How long before you have to physically be in SD?
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I'm talking about having all the legal residence stuff including DL, banking/CC, insurance billing, employment / income taxes, federal agencies, voting, jury duty etc all be in one place.

Just for an example say SD.

But the registration for the car, and local property taxes is for where it is legally **garaged**.

Someone legally resident / domiciled elsewhere from where a vehicle is registered, is completely normal for millions of people and should not raise any issues, even if it's the other side of the country.
I suppose you can do that (register your vehicle in the state it is most used, or garaged) but it is not the topic of this thread. I suspect each state has it's own rules on that topic, but it best be left for a new forum thread on that topic.
I have seen people register their vehicles where housed, but with a driver's license, that should be in the state where one is a resident. Sure, some people don't follow the rules, but if one's luck runs out, it can be quite expensive, seen it!
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