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Full Version: Wow!! Just got a sponsorship.
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It looks like I am getting a turbo diesel engine, coupled to a six speed OD manual transmission handed to me with a bow.

They want me to test it out.

At first, I thought I would yank the 5.3 out of my 2003 Silverado, but after careful thought, I feel a better vehicle for our future would be a van.

 This engine is not going to be cranked up. I have to leave the power in its stock format.

We have now entered an age of vehicle refurbishment. Rebuild the front suspension and install a new engine/trans/differential bearings to add about 400,000 miles of life into your 7,000 pound or less camper van...and not only will you get a warranty on the motor/trans...but they are talking 22-24MPG @70MPH with a HIGH TOP!!!!
(I need this proved to me. This is a tall order.)
Turbo 4 cylinder engine, big SAE clutch...supposedly all bolt-in except for the exhaust.
The target is going to be a $1500 retail installation.
Mine will be the GM test bed. :Smile :Smile  :Smile
I am walking around 4 feet in the air right now.

This is a $12,000 package including all the front end parts and install.
With the price of new vans, if your body is in good shape and not from a salted road area, you could throw $12K at it and still make out.
They are even going to have a finance deal for people and a special insurance program.
I am in love with this concept.

I am doing the baby engine. 170ish HP and around 400 ft lbs of the magic torque-force Smile

The next level, which uses a bigger transmission, will be 240ish HP not sure of the TQ on that one.

The biggest Kahuna will be more for Snap-On tool truck type vehicles and will have 330 ish HP and near 900 ft lbs of torque.

I am not allowed to disclose the engine maker yet. Sorry.

The prototype, I am told, is "enhanced manual pump" injection.
Very curious to see how that works.

This could really be a game-changer for camper folk everywhere.  :Smile :Smile

Imagine a super clean E350 based class C with a 330HP 900 ish torque power rating. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Pull any 460 around like a puppy with the flu.
Very cool JD!
WOW! Sure would be a nice swap for the spark plug thread challenged Tritons.

Wow, way to go!
Congrats! Big Grin
After a chat on the phone a little while ago, things were finalized and since I am the grand Kahuna, who will be doing the data on the entire test, I get my choice of any of the engines.

How about this pup with the big boy and a big 6 speed stick sticking up out of the floor??
This really has me thinking... (If you cannot figure out what the link leads to...shut your internet and go back to smoke signals.)
Jim, check out the back of this thing. It isn't what you think...
Way cool!!! Are you going to have to install a diesel particulate filter and run DEF in it too or is that system already in place?
Very cool, but who does the install?

There used to be a loophole for glider kits, and new or reman diesel engines for OTR trucks, as far as emissions compliance, but I have no idea how that works for older privately owned vehicles upgraded with a NEW diesel engine. 

I suspect (but don't know for sure) that the compliance ratings will be less strict, due to the age of the original vehicle.
(03-13-2018, 03:05 PM)Motrukdriver Wrote: [ -> ]Way cool!!!   Are you going to have to install a diesel particulate filter and run DEF in it too or is that system already in place?

No urine system on this one.
The replacement engine only has to meet the same emissions as the engine that came out.
Same way Cummins got their little 4 cylinder through for the Jeeps.

This is a "specialty replacement" so the requirements are a little different. (I have to get up to speed on this.)
I've been told the cat runs hot, but there is no fluid or filter.

Basically, if it were not for this engine, the vehicle would keep on running with the sloppy high mile gas motor.
So they relax things slightly.
It still works out though...takes a ton of fuel to build a new you know.
They do the install for me this time.
I thought I was GM only because of that, but I get to choose.
There is a soft spot in my heart for a pre-92 square body extended Ford 1/2 ton.
With a high top, I would never give it up.
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