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Full Version: Travel super light package "contest."
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Its a type of very efficient refrigeration cooler that basically "deducts" 30-40 degrees from the ambient temperature.
They work well in applications like tractor trailers, where the A/C is used inside the cab all the time, keeping it around 70 or so.
When it gets to 90 degrees outside, unless you have ice in them, they get too high in temperature.
Cool thread on the awnings.
Never had to deal with putting a roof rack on one.
Many had them factory though.
I vote for the "tarp awning" with the adjustable poles, myself.
That "mushroom" deal on the Ford in the other thread shows amazing ingenuity though! Smile
I agree with the tarp awning for most who would travel light.   That Bat Wing idea would be ok if you were going to be spending a lot of time in one place.   But for traveling light a tarp awning or a dining fly tent with one side attached to the Van may be the best bet.  

If you arrive at a campground in the noon time of day just park the Van with the drivers side facing the setting sun (if it is hot) and you'll have shade on the side door side of our Van. 

If you can find an 8x8 ft dining fly tent (that would fit the side of your Van then you could rig fastenings on the side of the Van that one side of the dining fly could attach to.   That may eliminate a couple of tent poles and 4 guy wires and make your setting up this type of awning a bit easier.

If you pull up beside a picnic table you can use a shortened pole for the center pole where it uses the top of the picnic table instead of the ground.   Thus you have a table, seating, and shade.  And dining fly's can be
found cheap from time to time as well.  (many of them have two or three piece support poles which knock down to conserve space)

[Image: a7e9c1cd-bf4e-4df7-be9b-b3dfd1347397_1.6...nBg=FFFFFF]
Even one of those "quick fold out" jobs in the nylon sack.
Use the van roof instead of one set of poles...and you have it licked.
(03-16-2018, 08:41 PM)Trebor English Wrote: [ -> ]What is a chip cooler?
AKA peltier-effect coolers

As Trebor already knows, but for others:

Horribly inefficient if you're running off limited battery bank power.

Which people using them while dino juice is burning don't need to worry about.

And as pointed out, very ineffective when ambient gets over 65°F or so.
The shade tarp of some kind is a must.
Looking for the poles and cord to use a simple 12 dollar tarp with makes the package rather expensive though.
Jimindenver mentioned he had purchased adjustable tarp poles for 10 dollars.

Of course, the one pictured below here would surely be a sweet setup with the van.
Not for the stealth model for sure...but someone who would spend time in a state park or BLM, something like this would work out pretty well.
What do you think of these pictures??
Still, depending on which one you get $250 to $279.

[Image: ce1d4e28-8e19-4445-9f68-2ea37b46a8d1.jpg...22498_.jpg]

Then there is this style:

The one above (not pictured here) is $289 Thats a lot of the budget.

There is a "Cabana model" that gives a stand-up area for changing, a potti...???
It sells for $90
Link to it here:

Stove/pots/pans/Potti/utensils/mattress still needed.

Would you say the stove kit presented earlier in the thread would be good, or not?
For the sake of simplicity, cooking would be done outside the van.
If you used the "cabana" tent on the slider door, a tear drop style kitchen would work nicely...
Sure would like to get feedback on that.
The commercial modular units  for this task are too much money to consider.
Especially when you have to include some plates/forks/spoons/paper towels/potti supplies...etc. It all adds up.
Going with the $300 tent option and it is very easy to go over the budget.

Checking the one-way sticker vinyl, I got a price of $160+- installed.
I think the stickers over the rear windows are key for this situation.
Opinions on this?
What about bed height?
Making a bed platform is key to the rear kitchen, if there is one.
Anyone have ideas on the typical tear drop setup?

The more I think about it, the modular platform setup is the key.
A full sized mattress taking up the whole back...that you could fold up-or fold in half...might be a better option than a twin.
(03-17-2018, 07:00 PM)JD GUMBEE Wrote: [ -> ]Stove/pots/pans/Potti/utensils/mattress still needed.

Would you say the stove kit presented earlier in the thread would be good, or not?
>> Nope. " FDA approved Non Toxic anodized aluminum "
No wonder people are sick, & getting worse, sigh. ............ I'll stick with my S.S. or glassware.

For the sake of simplicity, cooking would be done outside the van.
>> even when it's freezing outside ?

A full sized mattress taking up the whole back...
that you could fold up-or fold in half...might be a better option than a twin.
>> Just sleep curled-up Smile to begin with. You know like any child.
my normal sleeping space is 28"Wx35"L, until jump UP Big Grin (ok in van jumping up replaced with crawling out), & then jump UP, lol
(03-16-2018, 10:44 AM)JD GUMBEE Wrote: [ -> ]If you were given a decent mini-van, along with a budget of $750 to turn it into a camper, how would you do it?

How would you spend the money to make your ideal travel-minvan?
such a DEAL:
1. you're offering to take the modified RAIN-forest off my hands, &
replace it with something a bit more "decent" like a Caravan ?
2. for $750 it turns into a magic ... camper. Cool !
i need:
> clothes (for winter + summer) since you said "year-round"
>> an insulated (cold) storage for nutrition: like Eggs+lamb; plus sardines, Quinoa, Cruciferous veggies, dark berries, dark chocolate, Spices
& 5 gallon bottle of either deep-well water, or Filtered water: it all might fit into 1 of those 18-wheelers Big Grin
>>> comfy bedding (my Yoga foam mat, & sleeping bag, & Down-comforter, & of course foot-warmer Wink )
>>>> Dependable Solar to charge the gizmo for Dependable internet connection.
toileting & bathing ? Birdie-style, lol
Since we're cooking outside, how about ?
& a few other items whose descriptions escape me atm. Can we add a mini woodstove outside ?
Wow I totally dig those tents that add on to the truck shell. I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado with shell I take to areas I can't bring my rv to. That add on tent would be awesome! Usually I just hide out in the shell, it's a bit cramped in there. Too bad they are so expensive.
(03-16-2018, 11:37 AM)lenny flank Wrote: [ -> ]I'm an old backpacker. To me, the vehicle is just a metal tent that moves. So all I really NEED is a sleeping bag on the floor, a place to store food and water (that I don't need to carry on my back), a camping stove for cooking, and some type of solar to charge my laptop.

Everything else is "luxury".

(Oddly, that is not very far off from what the inside of my van actually DOES look like... Wink )
Agreed this is how i would do it. Maybe add a few luxuries if i was full time so it feels more like home but if i absolutely had to i could do this.
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