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Full Version: Travel super light package "contest."
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(06-21-2018, 07:38 AM)crofter Wrote: [ -> ]I did the same in my 4X4, but I built a bunk instead of sleeping on my stuff- had the wood all cut at Home Depot and built it in the parking lot. The benefit of the bunk left a reach through from the front seats to the back, so you still had access to everything in the middle from the drivers seat. I used smaller pull out bins for the sides, not the big bin like you used. I had a topper and cooked back there, so no moisture and smells in the front.

I cook off the tailgate for the same reason. Once you get smells from cooking in the cab it'll be real hard to get rid of them.

So I have been working on my van build, being inspired by some great van tours - thank you all for sharing. My goal for the basic build is the $750 and I think I am still under that figure - but without solar. I already own a generator, so that is my seldom used alternative. 

Last time I was only opportunistically off grid, due to finding a free receptacle behind the change machine at the laundry. I charged everything up about once a week. Side benefit is clean clothes. To really be off grid you would want the solar, because the generator is just too noisy after you get used to the quiet. For lighting I have two luci lights. 

My main purchases are a new cooler and a camp chef range, 4 sheets of plywood and some 2x2's.  So far I have completed the floor and the bunk, and installed ribs for mounting the range and cooler. I will buy one more sheet of plywood for the bulkhead. 

I plan to use bins and paracord instead of drawers or cabinets (thank you Wren for that video showing uses for paracord).  On my last foray, I found mice to be my constant companions. The little guys made their messes, but were unable to do much destruction due to the covered bins.  They gnawed on the rubbermaid bins but never got inside. Lighter plastic bins would be nicer, but not sure how mouseproof they are.  The type that fold open on top are not mouseproof and they shatter. 

I have a garage big enough for the generator. I was going to put my water back there, but have concerns about weight distribution. I have a spot behind the drivers seat that is open, so I may put the water there. I have no plans yet for a sink, as I am accustomed to using plastic wash basin.  Range and propane bottle goes behind the passenger seat. 

I also plan to have a plywood bulkhead with rat fur for stealth (thank you stealthy guy for the great van tour). I put in a heavy rib to support the bulkhead, and also serves as my step into the cab (Promasters have a 7 inch step up from the cargo area to the cab). I will have some in-floor storage in the cab for long items under the step. 

No swivel seats due to having a bulkhead. 

~ crofter
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