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As someone who has an affinity for open spaces, the appeal of boondocking on the open prairie is a strong one. I ran a few searches of the forum and though i found references to the National Grasslands in some of the threads, i thought that opening a thread specifically designated for a discussion of boondocking (and camping, for there are some designated campgrounds) in the National Grasslands may be of interest to others as well as myself.

If you aren’t familiar with U.S. National Grasslands, a good place to start would be the Wikipedia page “United States National Grassland.”
I've been contemplating some time in grasslands -- particularly after feeling a little claustrophobic in forests. I need a change anyway. It might be time to venture east of the Rockies (although there's a National Grassland in Idaho).
Grasslands can be some good camping areas.Especially if you are antelope hunting.
The Wikipedia entry United States National Grassland includes...
  • The name of each grassland (linked to its individual Wikipedia page)
  • The state and gps location of each grassland
  • A brief description
  • A map image showing all national grasslands and national forests
It also includes links to map the coordinates of all national grasslands through OpenStreetMaps and Google Maps. In addition, these coordinates can also be downloaded as KML and GPX.

Enjoy your journey!
Richland Dam Recreation Area - Fort Pierre National Grassland (South Dakota)

This week’s email of 5 star reviews from Campendium includes a review of free camping at the Richland Dam Recreation Area.

GPS: 44.1478, -100.4074

Here’s one of the reviews...

This is the granddaddy of all boondocking places. Gorgeous place. Rolling hills and the sunset over the lake is spectacular. The only concern would be the road if there was large amounts of rain since it is dirt.”
Interactive National Forest map

Here is a link to an interactive map of the National Forests which includes the National Grasslands.

Thanks to members tonyandkaren for sharing this on their post Great Interactive National Forest Map!
I spent most of last winter in the grasslands of Southern Arizona. You wouldn't imagine that Baja AZ would have grasslands on the Mexican border, but it does, and much of the land east of I-19 is public land. The Buenos Aires Wildlife Preserve has fantastic dispersed camping. The only negatives are the very visible presence of Border Patrol, because it's very close to the border, and the occasional yet terrifying training flights from a nearby air base. I happened to be walking one day when two "Warthog" fighters flew not more than 100 feet over my head. That happened only once, but that was plenty for the rest of my life! And I don't scare easy. But I plan to return this winter. Oh, and the wildlife! Pronghorn antelope, wonderful birds, and the tantalizing possibility of seeing a jaguar.....

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Just rolled in to Buffalo Gap National Grassland, north of Badlands NP.  Tstorm coming in tonight, should be a great show.
Protip, the grassland clay is slicker than snot when it gets saturated with water.  Here's how I spent my morning.
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