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Full Version: Liquidating possessions - split from RVers trash left behind........
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(06-22-2018, 12:56 PM)rm.w/aview Wrote: [ -> ]There is about a month wait on a new one, while you can walk in/walk out with a new Tonneau. Having had both I like the cap for my traveling as it's quieter in the wind and the more storage available, and I'll stay dry as I tinker with something.

Yeah, I had considered the cap seriously...but in the end I had to think about what I needed it for. Since it is just storage for some things I want to save (tools), I don't need any height above the top of the box, so I ended up going with the tonneau, though I did choose a folding hard unit instead of the single piece I was going to get.

Quote:I just noticed your website in your signature and paid a quick visit... nicely done.

Yeah, it's a work in progress. I am a little behind having been dealing with the liquidating, truck issues (I got a new one) and some RV issues. But once it is done it will chronicle my travels and link my videos (once I get them uploaded) as well as show off some photos and places I visit.
(seems pertinent, especially the "when you look back" part)

Traveler, your footprints
are the only road, nothing else.
Traveler, there is no road;
you make your own path as you walk.
As you walk, you make your own road,
and when you look back
you see the path
you will never travel again.
Traveler, there is no road;
only a ship's wake on the sea.
- Antonio Machado
Another EE here. I sold a lot of my test equipment too but most of it was boat anchor stuff, like a 7104 1Ghz mainframe Tek scope with a pretty decent high brightness display (for capturing one shots). Like $400 for a scope that was originally $40,000 with all the plug-ins (not what I paid of course lol).

I kept my Agilent 4 channel 200mhz digital scope (circa 2014) because it is small and quite useful (has 32 channel digital probe set too). I haven't turned it on in a year though :-(

I threw away over seven 100 watt CO2 lasers. Just didn't have time to sell them. What a shame. I kept a 20kW yag doped fiber laser (diode pumped) because you never know when you might need a 20kW laser.

Sold a 7,000 pound Shizuoka CNC mill for $1500....with tooling!

Wish I had that still though....just a bit heavy for the road.

I cut my own foot off on selling this stuff...I had a Twitter account with over 2000 followers and a popular engineering website with a virtual store, but I shut both down before I realized I really could've used the advertising. Ah well. I sold my 6" Vise this morning and have several inquiries for my drill press, grinder and work bench. I am just now starting to give away things that I won't bother with as well as throw out things that really aren't worth anyone bothering with.
Is it possible for you to rent a budget truck and move your expensive stuff to a better storage unit/ and or cheaper place to live? That will give you more time to unload your valuables at a more better/fair price.
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