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Full Version: Romance & RV Living
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Hi all,

I'm a newbie to this site and to this RV living concept.  First off, I am seriously considering giving this lifestyle a try.  If for no other reason, my doing this will help me pay off my remaining debts in just about a year (as opposed to 3-4).  Additionally, by not having to pay rent and utilities, this would free up the major chunk of my income to putting towards savings and just plain having fun.  I'm all excited just even writing about this.

However, I can only see 1 major possible issue by choosing this lifestyle.......that is romance.  I'm a guy and I'm guessing that not too many decent ladies would even remotely consider associating with someone who lives in a van (down by the river).  I mean no disrespect and do humbly apologize if there are ladies here who are cool with this.

However, I would like to hear from both men and women about your thoughts/experiences with this matter.  Thanks a bunch and thank you all for helping me see that there is a whole new fun and exciting lifestyle that I never thought was possible.

Disclaimer in advance;
this is JMHO based on my life-you need to find YOUR path.

If a person (male or female) is comfortable with their choices enough to be open and honest in the manner they live they will attract like minded people into their lives.

Most of us at some point in our lives have to evaluate what "romance" means to "me"....and that changes with time and experiences. That admission and understanding applies to all facets of our lives actually. Too often we approach new experiences with old beliefs and blind ourselves to opportunities to Love and Learn.

There a number of  "decent ladies "on this site BTW.!!!'

hiya Yamsack! first of all, welcome! you are in the right place, here. i get excited to hear of a newcomers excitement! we know exactly where you are coming from!
you betcha there are decent ladies in this lifestyle, some who are wondering the same thing as you...."how will i find nice guys who will accept me along with my lifestyle?" you will have to be a little more creative, possibly, but i think the most important thing is to embrace your "different" lifestyle as the bonus it will be in the mind of the right person. when you are happy and content in your life, you will attract people who will love you just as you are.
there are vandweller gatherings, some planned and many spontaneous, that happen all around the country. they are becoming more frequent, as more and more of us meet-up. these are great ways to expand our social network. keep tabs on them here, and take the opportunities they offer.
and i know you mean no disrespect. we have learned many social "rules" in our lives that become ingrained, and it takes time to view the world in new ways.  vandwelling has helped me shed many of my preconceived ideas. it changes all of us.
Apparently the groups for fulltime RV singles (LOWS and I forget the name of the other one) have more women than men.  I'm not sure how much of this is due to women living longer than men -- I suspect some is due to some women prefering to be in a group to being alone.


Many will look at you oddly, and also not understand. The first girl I met after moving into the van, turned out to be a great person. She actually loved the van. When I had to move into a stick built during the winter months, her and I spent the night together, and that first morning, we woke up, and she looked around and said, "I miss the van."

They ARE out there, but you just might have to look. A lot of what it is, is how you percieve living in one yourself.

I got an email today from a dating site I'm on, titled, "Are you dateable?". One thing stood out above all the rest:

Quote:Are you happy?
If you’re not happy, it is pretty safe to say you are permeating the air with your negativity.

I was happy in the van, and I attracted people to me because I was happy. In fact, I got more "action" last year than ever in my life, because I was happy. I am not so happy this year, and until I read that line, I never realized that no matter how good I am at concealing my feelings, they DO permeate through.

If you are truly happy in your choice, you will attract those wanting to feed a little on your happiness.


"i get excited to hear of a newcomers excitement!"

Katie, you're killin' me...  

Being a retired SWAT cop , I can honestly say Ive contacted hundreds of van/rv dwellers. They fell into 2 categories:

1.  Tweaker / felons
2.  Everyone else

In ALL of my contacts, only ONE did I make move his rig.  The guy was a jerk and a drama queen.

It's kinda like Pit-Bulls. They get a bad rap, for the wrong reason.  Or, better yet, the 1%'er biker.  It all depends on the woman.  Just make them laugh with witty bantor and they will flock to your mobile pad...

Just sayin'...
I hear ya about the romance thing. For my part, I've not gotten any action anyway being stationary so I reckon I have just as many chances meeting someone on the road rather than staying in one place.
In fact, traveling may increase my chances. At least that's what I hope...
I wonder about that myself... heh!
Probably why Gypsies were reviled... they wandered around living their lives free and clear from any sort of monarchical control.

Hey Yam sack
I was afraid of telling people I lived in my RV.  The thought "trailer trash" I am sure entered their minds.  I kept it to myself til I met a man who lived in a primitive cabin west of Laramie.  I admired this person, he had a great former life of an NFL defensive lineman then coach of a college football team.  But he chose to live close to nature yet with the comforts he enjoyed, his horses, dogs, hunting, fishin, playing music.  I told him I was afraid to be one of those people who lived their whole lives looking forward to their 2 weeks off every year for a vacation and then dying once they were able to retire,  He said "I think that's a wasted life".  I could have melted right then.  A gal who wouldn't care for you because you aren't some pathetic sheep conforming to society's version of successful has no right to guage you as a human being and frankly isn't worth you
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