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Full Version: I cleaned a campsite thread
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I pick up trash too. Cigarette butts are a pet peeve.

Sometimes when I feel lazy and don't want to, or if there's so much trash that's overwhelming, I set a time limit and pick up trash for say 15 minutes.

I think of it as paying rent for a free camp spot.

My gosh if we all did this what a different world it would be.

I also pull invasive non native plants. Here in Montana it's spotted knapweed.
I asked permission to stay overnight at a convenience store and the manager said it was OK. Then I asked for a garbage bag so I could pick up the trash. I ended up with 2 1/2 bags full of trash. They were happy.

Leaving a place better than you left it is quite rare. If we can do this and tactfully show that vandwellers have a positive impact, that would go a long ways on occasion for us. Some people when they see us will actually want us there instead of viewing us as vagrants, bums, or whatever pejorative term there is for us. I had one guy ask me what I did that I was constantly moving around. He was implying I had some legal trouble and was running from it. For many people that mindset will never change, but I've seen first hand the other perception- a perception of people that think we don't steal and are good to be and have around. Picking up trash can be a surprisingly effective way to create that impression.
(08-10-2018, 07:39 PM)bullfrog Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Minivanmotoman, almost any visitor center on any federal lands will furnish bags and let you know where you can deposit them for pickup if you ask. If you get up around Bullfrog Utah ( Northern part of Glen Canyon Rec Area) before November PM me and I'll make sure you get thanked proper.
I wish! I'm in Northern Colorado, and finding a place to get rid of all the trash I've connected has resulted in Big Zero. I'm making a trip to the "Convenience Center" of the nearest community, which is only open for 3 hours on Saturday mornings, with a pickup bed full. They certainly gripe about "pack it in, pack it out," but they make it almost impossible for people to properly dispose of trash, in this area. Glad they've got it more together where you are!

The Dire Wolfess
(08-10-2018, 07:52 PM)Minivanmotoman Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting, didn't know that. Thx bullfrog.
Imho, litter and garbage is the most important issue for us all.
This will be the main reason/excuse that forests and dispersed campsites will be closed down. It will affect all of us directly and impact negatively our opportunities and potential sites.

There should be more done individually and collectively, not just picking up the trash but implementing a program of awareness, interaction, communication and support. The topic isn't as interesting as cheap internet access or van buildout, but none of that will matter if we don't raise awareness and improve the status quo.

Once we lose access, will be impossible or next to impossible to regain. Yes, it is a major societal issue that no one likes to deal with and NIMBY, but we MUST do something collectively to raise awareness and build a great reputation.

This is my small way. If we all do a little, post on here, build momentum, keep at it, support and pitch in, it's a start.
Yay, MiniMoto, you are the bees knees. You help Mother Earth and all of us with your work.

The Dire Wolfess
I’m all for it and do what I can, when I can. Some of the garbage I wouldn’t touch unless I was wearing a HazMat suit. There’s some nasty stuff out there.
(08-10-2018, 04:32 PM)bullfrog Wrote: [ -> ]Almost any of the launch ramps at major lakes have several dumpstsers. The ones here even have recycle trailers. Also special racks and containers for batteries and used oil, appliances get set beside the dumpster, as well as items to big to go inside. All of these get dumped several times a day.

Great point!! Am going to start looking for those, and associated signage at waterway boater launch sites. Would be nice to haul the trash away to.

Am shocked that rangers and DEP folks don’t have the location of dumpsters-bathrooms-emergency services all clearly known.

Am thinking of starting a free printable one page PDF document form that lists all this. And you just fill it out. Give to DEP or ranger station.

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August, 2018, Coconino Forest, 
Another camp site cleaned.
Anyone else? Hoping others post their efforts.

You rock like a rockstar, Mo-Mo Man! Thank you!

The Dire Wolfess
This is one of the reasons why I'll be proud to call myself a "van dweller" or "rubber tramp" (though I still don't know what that actually means)!

Even before I learned that this was becoming an increasing problem, I decided that I would always leave a place in better shape than I found it.  That's how I live my daily life anyway.  In fact, I'll be taking it a step further, but I don't want to say how right now because I want to make it part of my YouTube channel.   Shy
And now for a bit of history ....
"the Leave No Trace concept is over a half-century old. Created by the USDA Forest Service in the 1960’s, Leave No Trace was seen as increasingly necessary as public land use expanded and land managers witnessed the biophysical effects of this use".

They obviously say it coming already 50 years ago.
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