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Full Version: I cleaned a campsite thread
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June 21, 2018, Kaibab NF, AZ.
Cleaned up trash around campsite.
Toilet paper, beer cans and bottles, paper plates, misc....

You may ask why? 
To show that we leave it better than we found it.
There are 10x if not more as many viewers as members, maybe BLM & USFS?
Let's show that actions speak louder than words.

Anyone else care to add to this thread by example as well? 
What would it say if we have 100s or 1000s of testimonials of cleanup efforts recorded? Goodwill for the tribe.

Be a decent member of the human race,
make the world a better place.
Good for you. I always pick up little crap scattered around the campsites that I stay at. As a life-long backpacker ... it's always "Leave No Trace". As a matter of fact, on a recent trip, I cleaned up a massive amount of crap left by the previous occupants - indeed a "famous" youtuber who makes his living telling people how to do this and that. One day I will run into him, LOL. See the post,
Great stuff, and many of us do.
Now if you could post a date and forest location with maybe a pic, would be definitive proof specic to add to the tribes steward and care of the land which we use.
I see that my pic of trash did not upload as I am in wonky cell service area. Will add shortly when in better range.
Any others with date and BLM or USFS area specfics of recent cleanups?

Let's not be silent, wait for others or closures to show that we are doing what we can to leave it better than we found it.
I have been doing this for 30 years. before that I really didn't notice a problem except on rare occasions. the problem seems to progressively be getting worse and worse. highdesertranger
Oh, I should add that the "famous" youtuber I mentioned was certainly not Bob, our godfather, who I am sure would never ever leave any sort of mess. Every time I see Bob in a video, I always perceive a nice white halo around his head, :-).

This is the sum total of strewn litter that I picked up in a 200*200 area of which more than 30+ incidences of toilet paper.

Wouldn't it have been nicer for all if there was only this?

Nice Job.  Heart
I don't carry a camera, but here are pictures of the locale. Why anyone would want to despoil this place, like the locals with their bottles blasted by semi-automatic weapons, and chocolate pudding for brains, is beyond me.

- close by, but I didn't know about this place:
Yay! I got one of those picker-upper gadgets so I don't have to touch the crap (literally). Actually, I found a package of two in Costco and gave one to a friend. I love your idea of posting photos of the garbage we pick up, and the beautiful clean campsites we leave behind! We definitely need the good PR.

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I'm all in.. I do this also. A yard rake and bristle broom have always been in my quiver.
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