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Full Version: spreading the word
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I hope it's ok...I'm on other sites and when people ask questions and I know Bob Wells has the answers, I direct them to this site. If this is not allowed, please let me know. Your site is the very best!! Thank u so much for all your information.
I don't think Bob nor site hosts will have a problem with being more popular as long as there are no infringements of any kind, which I don't think there could be any. I do the same thing!!
That's why we're here
Sometimes I namedrop the cheapRVliving forum in the comments section of YouTube van or RV life videos. Esp if people are asking questions that I know they will find over here.

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This is a great site especially for technical info, and I often send people here for advice.

This site does have two limitations to keep in mind, though--it is heavily oriented towards older folks living in RVs, and it is geographically skewed towards the desert southwest.

That's why i hang around in the Reddit Vandwellers forum and direct people there, too.
I've mentioned it in a few RV Facebook groups.
Thank goodness for you namedroppers, that's how I found this sight, someone posted it in reply and here I am.
Just put the Reddit app on my phone and found the vandwellers. I see no way to search, no organization of topics, just random Instagram stuff and then snarky twit comments. Perhaps I just don't know how to navigate it. Perhaps I'm too old. So I deleted the app.

Call me a dinosaur, but I like a forum with delineated boards.