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Full Version: Engine Cover Insulation
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As I drive my new van around, the heat from the engine cover, transmission and floor are cooking my legs and feet. 
What's the best way to tackle this cover? Do all insulation on the I side of the cover next to the motor?
I know there are items for the floor but what about the cover?
The only time I had a problem with a van engine cover and heat was when the engine cover was not installed against the firewall. It lets a LOT of heat in and will seem to cook your right foot. It could be the gasket between the cover and firewall is askew or missing.

Engine covers come from the factory with insulation on the engine side. This insulation could have been removed too.

The van is 14 years old. Without knowing what the gap feels like (have you owned a van before?) you could run your fingers around the gap to see if the seam is even or where the hot air is coming in. I would remove the engine cover and check the gasket and the underside for the factory insulation. It will be silver. This is a new to you van so you don't know what transpired before you got it as you can't see any of this without removing the cover. When reinstalling cover feel around the seam to make sure there are no gaps.
bingo Brian hit the nail on the head. follow his sage advice. highdesertranger
I will first feel for leaks then pull the cover off. I have a feeling it isissimg insulation more than the gasket. When I reached down and touched the side where my calf muscle lay, it was really warm to the touch.

Yes i have had an Astro and some AT&T vans but don't recall the heat, but then I didn't on 102* weather lol. Tomorrow is to hit 104-105* on NorCal

I have a bunch of minor stuff to do before I begin my project.