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Full Version: Closures working well, Forest Service says
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 Forest Service officials say the closure of six large swaths of the Coconino National Forest has generally been an effective tool in keeping many people out of those areas
Per the link cited:
".... closed to public access due to extreme wildfire risk...."
".... While some people are still breaching those lines, " <---(clearly only the terminally stupid)
".... but also to reduce the number of people in the forest who would have to evacuated if something did start".

Thank the heavens these people are doing their jobs EFFECTIVELY. I was in the area northeast of Sisters OR recently, and it is deep forest with only a few access roads. There have been numerous fires up there over the past several years. I was camping in BLM land to the east of there and saw smoke one morning in the area I had been thinking of visiting in a couple of days. Turned out to be some sort of controlled burn. 

I did ultimately camp in there for one night, but the access road was such a potential choke point for getting out that I left. Here: 44.501982, -121.641544. However, most of the campgrounds in the area were full, and mainly with large RVs and trailers that would be a mess to evacuate. Discretion is always the better route.
Carry boltcutters . Not to break into closed gates but to break out if outrunning a fore.
(07-11-2018, 09:39 AM)Per the link cited: Wrote: [ -> ]".... While some people are still breaching those lines, " <---(clearly only the terminally stupid)
Only the terminally stupid will need bolt cutters. The rest of us will read the signs where it says "closed due to fire danger", and will stay out.

The best line in Top Gun the movie is where he says: "The Defense Department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because They Were Stupid".