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Full Version: Dispersed Camping In National Forest Land - FREE Campsites!
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Dispersed Camping In National Forest Land - FREE Campsites!

I have no connection to the author of this video. But he does some great explainations of dispersed camping in Colorado many could benefit from.
Although the information content in that video is somewhat low, it's nice to see someone with such a positive attitude on the lifestyle. Beautiful country, no garbage, few neighbors, no forest fires, and no closed areas or enforcers in sight. A fabled land. We need more positive examples.

I'm glad he mentioned the issues of pulling big rigs down forest service roads. Check it out "before" you take your rig in there and get stuck. And from my experience, BLM roads are much worse than NF roads.
Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the information and positive message in that video. It amazes me how much shared knowledge is available, and I almost always come away learning something new.
Thanks for the information!