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Full Version: Clothing for Fulltime RVing
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I kept a storage unit and rotated winter and summer clothes through it. I usually carry three weeks of clothes, my max for food and water resupply.
When I was backpacking I had 3 shirts. 1 long sleeve fleece, 1 long sleeve poly, 1 long sleeve fishing shirt (UV protection). 1 hiking pants of very light weight, 1 warm leggings. Socks were 1 wool, 2 med weight and 2 light pedi socks. 1 caftan to sleep in.1 sleeveless vest. 1 beany hat. 1 pr gloves. 2 bras. 1 rain jacket & 1 rain poncho. That was it for 2 months.

I now hate to do hand wash. LOL

Desert temps have a 30 deg difference between high and low.
(07-14-2018, 04:47 PM)MrNoodly Wrote: [ -> ]I LOVE cotton, even with its disadvantages. I'd rather die wearing cotton than live wearing anything else. My brain might have excellent reasons for wearing other fabrics, but my skin gets the veto. Life is too short to waste it wearing plastic. Big Grin
Smile It's alittle awkward for the trail and Hefty's cheaper... LOL
I love cashmere sweaters from goodwill with holes in the elbows or anywhere else cheap effective soft lightweight and comfy for underwear or over a thin tee
or under a light jacket down vest wool shirts jogging pants Merino wool yoga pants wool socks non-sheepskin uggs.

About the wicked cold winters clouding your judgement - what type of weather do you see yourself traveling in ... ever? I know what the temptation to just pack for 3 seasons is like. Most people used to cold weather wear shorts as soon as they see the snow start melting. I know I do usually when the mercury hits 40°F, but if you think about it, that's 60-70°F warmer than the cold weather extreme I'm used to, so I've become very cold tolerant and not at all heat tolerant. Have you lived most of your life in Maine? Have you thought about how cold tolerant you are/aren't? It's not a judgement, just everybody's used to a particular kind of weather.

Only you can really make the decision as to whether you'll need the truely cold weather gear or not. Are you planning on being a snowbird permanently? Do you do most of your own mechanic work on your rig? Will you need your cold weather gear during a cold snap (up north, higher elevations, etc...) to fix your vehicle? Are you planning on going back north to visit? How about Canada? Alaska?

Here's what I did - I packed my Carhartt (winter coat), Baffins (winter boots), wool mitts and pack mitts, long johns (2pr), 2 wool sweaters, 2 hats, and one scarf into a medium Rubbermaid tote. I wrapped it a few times with packing tape. Once it was all sealed up I put it in the back seat of my truck. It doesn't take up much room and if I need it it'll be there. If I end up spending the winter in OK like I'd planned, I don't think I'll be opening it at all. I'm not ready to be done with winter altogether though, so I'll keep them, for now.

Btw, all of my other clothes I kept fit into two suitcases. That'd be the nonwinter clothes that I didn't cull in the downsizing.

Another way to think about it would be is storage space such a precious commodity in your rig that it would be "worth it" to have to buy all your cold weather gear over again if you get rid of it in the downsizing and find you need it again in a year or two? Really only you can answer that.

Travel well,

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Look at what thru hikers wear for ideas. They don't even have the luxury of a vehicle to keep spare articles in. It helps to get an idea what items are truly essential.
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