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Full Version: Looking for advice on buying a van
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My Chevy coachman is going to need about 2k in repairs to pass inspection. Major bummer. So I figured now might be a good time to get a new one. I got my last 2 off of craigslist. I was just wondering if anybody on here could give some advice on where to find a class b van. They are hard to find
Look on RV Trader, Craigslist, eBay. Also the forums for whatever make you're interested in (Roadtrek, Pleasureway, Leisure, etc.) I've run into quite a few at local RV dealerships that came in as trades, but of course they jack the prices up.

The Dire Wolfess
What do y'all think about the mini class C's? I'm considering this as an option. Lose stealth but still legal for street parking.
I love my class B+. Could that be what you mean by a mini class C?