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Full Version: What about covering corners with passenger plastic?
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When insulating a cargo van, doing the corners neatly is a problem. Why not get some of the interior plastic pieces from a passenger van? After all, they are engineered to fit around all those odd curves. Whaddya think?
If you find the right ones, and you're only insulating inside that thickness, great.
I looked into it. Either the prices were way more than I wanted to pay, or they'd been sitting in wrecking yards for years, turning bad and funky. But if you can find a fresh wreck, go for it.
It's a great idea, in theory.
Realities of certain details that must be dealt with.
If your insulation is thicker than where the corner normally snaps/screws into, will have to adjust the fit. With plastic, not simple as it, can't be/ hard to glue, or snap holder not reachable / other method to affix.
Not impossible, just issues to be addressed.
Could a custom corner be better, easier, cheaper?
Depends on the specfics., Skills, tools, imagination.
yeah and the radius must match. seems like a lot of work/money to me. highdesertranger